Pupil Premium Strategy

Pupil premium 2017-2018

Pupil Premium Funding is currently generated by all children who have, or have had, an entitlement to free school meals during the last six years as well as those who are designated as ‘looked after’ by the local authority. in all, this includes a significant number of children in our school – up to 56% for the current school year.

This means that the majority of our children are likely to suffer from limited financial resources at home and so are not able to resource extra activities which incur additional costs. As a school we value to the opportunity to offer the broadest range of educational, social and cultural opportunities to enrich the children’s learning and life experiences.

The funding allows us to have smaller class sizes with extra adults in every class, provide learning support packages for individuals and groups and 1-1 tuition for a significant number of children. It is important to recognise that the children who generate additional pupil premium funding come from a range of abilities and so the more able benefit from additional teacher time as well as the less able.

We are also able to reduce the cost of trips, visits and residential opportunities for children particularly those receiving pupil premium funding. As a school, additional staffing, targeted support and reducing costs of trips and visits have always been a priority to which we have allocated a significant part of our school budget. Pupil Premium Funding helps us to continue this focus.

The best use of any extra funding should mean that every child in the school benefits. So for example, where there are extra adults in a classroom, they can support small groups as well as an individual and by so doing allow the teacher to give more time to others in the class even if they do not receive funding directly.

Pupil premium is also used, on occasion, to support special activities such as music tuition, one off sporting activities, theatre visits, visitors to school and additional curriculum activities.

The impact of pupil premium funding is measured annually at the end of the summer term through the outcomes at the end of each key stage and across all years groups in school.  Successful outcomes for eligible pupils is measured and celebrated through attainment and progress across the whole curriculum.

Currently we have received a total of £161,947 in this year budget as a result of pupil premium funding.

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