Ofsted and Performance



Our last OFSTED inspection found that we are a ‘good’ school.  We have continued to work on the key finding of this report since it was published in January 2013

Ofsted Report Dec 2012


Compared to other schools…. The following website allows you to compare our school’s results at the end of the last academic year with national results.

Performance Data for our School


KS2 (end of school) results for May 2016

Expected + Higher Level Average scaled score Average Progress **
Reading 59 10 101 -0.74
SPAG 74 15 104
Maths 64 15 102 -0.06
Writing* 79 10 1.23
Reading Writing and Maths 44 0 101
* Writing was assessed externally by schools in the CSP group and the results were moderated as part of the local authority process.
** Our results are above the National Floor Targets which were set at -5 for Reading and Maths and -7 for writing.