Here at Caldew Lea we promote good attendance but we are always looking at ways to keep improving  though we obviously need the help of you and your child to continue on a positive path!

Below are a few hints and tips to help:

  • Remember to let your child know how much being ready for school on time helps the whole family
  • Talk to your child about school and any problems they might have
  • Ensure your child is awake in plenty of time every school morning
  • Arrange doctors, dentists and hospital appointments for after school whenever possible
  • Teach your child how important school is
  • Encourage your child to prepare their school uniform the night before
  • Implementing no TV some school mornings may be a good idea
  • Take family holidays during school holidays (school cannot authorise holidays during term time) and a penalty may be issued if you do so
  • Ring the school office on the first day of absence before 9.00am if your child is ill (school will follow their procedures if they do not hear from you)


Each term we issue each child with a “traffic light” certificate showing their attendance for the Autumn term, Spring term and part of the Summer term.  Green is for 96% and above, amber is less than 96% but above 90% and red is below 90%.  We do find this is a positive thing as the children desperately want to be green but we do appreciate this is not always possible as children do get sick!

Each week the class with the best attendance for the week receives a certificate.