Lunchtime Clubs

At present we are running ukulele club at lunchtime for year 6. Here are a few photographs:

The boys’ football team had a fabulous tournament at the Sands Centre in January and got through to the morning semi final. The team won four matches and lost one scoring 22 goals and only conceded 3 goals. Thank you to Clive from the Sands Centre for organising the tournament and to the referees for doing such a great job.

The Year 5 “Chillax Club” meets every Friday lunchtime and always has a very relaxing time. Friday was chosen as the perfect day for this club as then it allows us all the time to reflect on the week and prepare for the fun of the weekend. Some of the club become that relaxed that they even fall asleep!!!

Mrs Craig’s Art Group meet every Wednesday. So far they have made excellent salt dough figures of themselves and are currently making animals from pip cleaners.