Our Curriculum

At Caldew Lea Primary School we offer a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum for all pupils providing progression and continuity.

We have designed our curriculum to engage pupils and develop a life long love of learning.  We plan thematic topics to develop Knowledge and Understanding of the World and these are usually based on areas of Science, Geography and History.

English, Mathematics and Computing are key skills through which knowledge and understanding is taught and learned. Creative subjects – Art & Design, Design & Technology, Music, Dance and Drama enable children to explore themes further, think creatively and use their imaginations.

By linking subjects, teachers support children in making helpful connections in their learning and give them opportunities to use their skills from one subject area to enhance their understanding of another. Linking subjects enables children to utilise their strengths in areas they find difficult.

Learning a modern language enables children to understand language better and communicate with, and develop respect for, other people from different cultures. French is delivered in all classes and is based on the National Curriculum Guidance for Modern Foreign Languages, using the Tout le monde scheme.

The personal development of pupils spiritually, morally, socially and culturally, plays a significant part in their ability to learn and achieve. We therefore aim to provide an education that provides pupils with opportunities to explore and develop: their own values and beliefs; spiritual awareness; high standards of behaviour; a positive and caring attitude towards other people; tolerance and an understanding of their social and cultural. 

Through RE (Religious Education) and PSHE children learn to become active partners in their own development, understanding both their rights and responsibilities to enable them to make ethical choices. They learn to be reflective about their own beliefs, religious or otherwise, and to be respectful and take an interest in different peoples’ faiths, feelings and values. We teach PSHE through the Jigsaw programme and it is woven into every curriculum aspect.

Jigsaw information guide for Parents/Carers – information-for-parents-and-carers-leaflet

PSHE Year Group Overviews – year-1-overviews; year-2-overviews; year-3-overviews; year-4-overviews; year-5-overviews year-6-overviews


Physical Education and Sport enable children to develop physical strength and an understanding of how to stay healthy, as well as team work and sportsmanship. Here at Caldew Lea, our pupils benefit from PE coaching provided by Sportsplus that enhances the PE provision within our existing team.


Our after school and lunchtime sports opportunities include a variety of clubs such as Tri-Golf, Hockey, Dance and Archery provided by Sportsplus coaches.

Children become lifelong learners when their personal areas of strength, interest and enthusiasm are valued. We have designed our curriculum to ensure that, with hard work, each and every child can enjoy success and achieve.

Curriculum overview 2018-2019 – Curriculum overview 2018-2019