Class 6P

Mrs Pasa is the class teacher, with support from Mrs Gordon. Mrs Howe and Mrs Osborne provide additional support in the class.

This week, 6P were visited by PCSO Nevison.  We had a discussion about antisocial behaviour and thought about the impact that it has on the people in our environment.  We also reflected on how bullying affects the victims and were surprised to learn that, if it is particularly serious, it can be classed as a ‘Hate Crime’.  We also found out that we can be arrested because we are over the age of 10!  The children were really enthusiastic during the talk and asked lots of inquisitive questions.  Because we are such a lovely class, PCSO Nevison promised us that he will come and visit us again in the summer and will bring along his Police van for us to look at.  We can’t wait!

6P were visited by the local Fire Service and enjoyed completing an emergency life support programme called ‘Heartstart’.  We learned how to administer CPR to ‘Annie’; use a defibrillator safely and how to respond to a choking situation.  Although this was very serious training, we still managed to have lots of fun!

The new Year 5/6 Topic

‘What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?’

To kick start our new topic, we set up a ‘Greek Taverna’ in our classroom.  We enjoyed sampling a variety of Greek foods,  whilst listening to traditional Greek music.  We had to evaluate each food for its taste and texture.  As you can see, some of us even dressed up for the occasion!

As part of our topic on ‘Chocolate’, we enjoyed rehearsing and performing the poem ‘Chocolate’ by Michael Rosen.  Mrs Paşa then videoed our final production!


Following on from ‘Play in a Day’, we planned and wrote a diary entry in the character of Macbeth.  We had to pretend we were Macbeth and write about our feelings and thoughts about killing King Duncan.  When writing the diary, we had to make sure that we used all the key features of this genre of writing.

We enjoyed spending a full day with Lisa during ‘Play in a Day.’

We started the day by playing games that helped us to learn to project our voices, use effective expression and we were taught tips of how to really engage the audience with our acting skills. We then spent the rest of the day rehearsing the famous play, ‘Macbeth’ written by William Shakespeare.

At the end of the day, we performed our play to some of the other classes.

Look how much fun we had!

We have had an amazingly, exciting time in school today!  As part of our topic on ‘Chocolate’, we were visited by Carl from the ‘Ministry of Chocolate’!  We had lots of fun and learned lots of interesting facts all about chocolate!