Class 5W

Mr Walker is the class teacher.

As part of our topic on ‘Chocolate’, 5L and 5W were visited by Carl from the ‘Ministry of Chocolate’!  Please find some photographs on 5L’s class page.

This year 5W have been enjoying their chocolate topic; we have tasted different kinds of chocolate, learnt about the journey of the cocoa pod to the chocolate bar and discovered which countries produce the most cocoa beans and which eat the most chocolate.

Just before October half-term Carl, from the Ministry of Chocolate, came to visit us. He taught the class even more about how chocolate is made and even let the children make their own chocolates too. He also told the class about the positive impact that Fair Trade has on the cocoa bean farmers around the world.

Mrs Potts has also worked with the class on Friday afternoons during their art lessons. The children have made their own Aztec headdresses and painted tiles depicting Aztec suns.