Class 5KK

Mrs King is the class teacher with some support from Mrs Simpson.

The children in 5KK have been learning about Animals including Humans. Part of this included looking at the circulation system and the children had an interesting lesson dissecting the lungs and heart of a sheep. The children learnt how lungs inflate by placing a straw down the trachea and blowing. If the straw was inserted in the correct place the lung would inflate. They then cut down the lungs and looked for the air holes.

The heart was dissected into three pieces. One side of the heart is thicker than the other as it pumps blood to the whole body whilst the other pumps blood to the lungs.

The children enjoyed taking part in this lesson and felt they had learnt a lot even though it was ‘yukky!!’

The Year 5 and 6 children enjoyed a visit by a ‘real’ Viking who showed them Viking Weapons and taught them about Viking rules. This was followed by looking at Viking artefacts and reading Viking poetry.