Class 3K


Mrs King is the class teacher and Mrs Simpson teaches the class on a Tuesday afternoon.

In English the children have carried out activities based on the books Pebble in my pocket and Stone Age Boy. They have discussed life in the Stone Age and compared it to modern day life.

This half term the children have looked at Healthy Eating in Science. They have learnt about a Healthy Plate and designed and created their own wraps.

Below are our pictures of us enjoying our wraps.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to visit Long Meg and Crafty Monkeys.

At Long Meg the children listened to the legend of how a wizard changed Meg and her daughters to stone after they were found dancing on the Sabbath.Legend also says that if the same number of stones can be counted twice the spell will be broken. The children counted the stones to Meg and whispered their answers to her.

At Crafty Monkeys the children drew and painted Stone Age cave art on their bowls. They then dipped them in glaze and left them to go in the kiln for 4 hours.


Below are photographs from Long Meg and Crafty Monkeys.

Class 3K visited Tullie House to learn about the Stone Age.

The children created a time line from the present day back to the Stone Age and then looked at and sorted objects into the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

After dividing into two groups, one group carried out investigations in Tullie House on the Stone Age and the other group made Lunulas- these were ornate “necklaces” which were worn by the rich people.

Below are photographs from our visit to Tullie House

Mr Stockdale from Sports Plus has been teaching 3K dance moves in PE.

Here are some of our moves:-

As part of our topic East or West – Which is best? we have been looking at Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom. Looking at Italy we are designing our own pizza toppings and ice cream toppings. To tie in with this we visited Pizza Express and made our own pizzas. We had a great time and even better we got our pizzas to eat. Below are some of our photographs.