Class 3C

Mrs Craig is the class teacher and Mrs Simpson teaches the class on a Thursday afternoon.


These are our friends. We wrote recipes for friendship when we joined our new class.

This is us making and enjoying eating wraps as part of our science topic about food groups and eating a balanced diet.

3C , 4G and 3K enjoyed their visit to Long Meg and Crafty Monkeys as part of a topic on the Stone Age. Look out for photos of us trying to break the spell at Long Meg and making pots at crafty monkeys. Mr Glaister and Mrs Craig had fun throwing a pot on the potter’s wheel too!

Our glazed pots were placed in the kiln and were returned to us a week later!

Class 3C had a very enjoyable trip to Tullie House. Firstly, they made a timeline using a piece of string and wore hats for significant periods in history. When studying real artefacts, they liked looking at the axes particularly. Other activities included making Bronze Age jewellery, bartering goods at the Stone Circle and doing a museum quiz.