Class 3/4SS

Miss Shore is the class teacher. Our PE days are Monday and Friday. Please could PE kit be in school for the full week in case of any changes.

Handwriting practise will go home on a Friday and should be returned by the following Friday.

Ancient Egyptians

In Year 3 and 4, we have begun our Autumn Term exploring our topic of Ancient Egyptians. During our first week, we learnt about the process of mummification by mummifying oranges. We prepared the oranges for mummifying by scooping out the flesh, keeping the skin intact. We then covered them in salt to remove all the moisture. The children thoroughly enjoyed getting messy whilst learning about the process.

In Geography, our focus is rivers. We have been learning about the location of the River Nile and how it floods in order to help crops grow. As part of this, the children made diorama’s of the river, using foil takeaway trays, soil, sand and modelling clay. The children had great fun learning the different parts of the river. They look great displayed in our classroom.

States of Matter

In Science, we are learning about States of Matter, exploring solids, liquids and gases. We took our learning outside and behaved how particles would within each state. The children really got to grips with their role, especially when whizzing around the playground as a gas.

We then completed an experiment investigating whether carbon dioxide has a weight are not. We weighed bottles of fizzy drink and then shook them to remove all the carbon dioxide, weighing them afterwards. The children had great fun doing this.

Number Work

Our Maths work has continued our work outside the classroom. The children thoroughly enjoyed drawing number lines on the playground, estimating the position of 3 digit numbers along the line in groups.