Class 1C

Mrs Henderson is the class teacher. Mrs Race teaches the class on a Wednesday morning. Mrs Garnett supports in Year 1 and will sometimes take small groups out to work.

The topic in year 1 this term is ourselves.

In Literacy we have described our features and written about our likes and dislikes. We have written instructions and made binoculars.We also wrote instructions for making a fruit salad – we helped to chop the fruit and enjoyed tasting it – it was delicious. We have painted our portraits and labelled the human body.

For Roald Dahl day we watched the story of the Big Friendly Giant: we made dream jars and dream catchers and wrote about what adventures we would have if we were invisible for a day.

In Mathematics we are learning to recognise, write and count from 0  to 100. We have been learning our number bonds to 10 and doubling numbers. We have also looked at 2D shapes looking for them in the school environment. We are now looking at British coins and counting them.

In Science we have used our senses to look at,smell, feel and taste the fruit in our fruit salad. We went on a listening walk and listened carefully for all of the different sounds in the environment.

In RE we have talked about Harvest and looked at different fruit and vegetables. We helped to make a vegetable soup which we all enjoyed tasting.

In History we are studying the Great Fire of London and in Geography we are learning about the countries which make up the British Isles.

As well as PE we are keeping fit by running around the playground each morning – at the moment we are running 3 laps but we are steadily increasing the distance we run.

Below are some of the photographs from our activities.

Making and tasting fruit salad

Our crab houses

Our dream jars


Harvest soup  – stirring and tasting it


Our binoculars

The whole class enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day – various activities were held during the day including the Reading Cafe. Can you guess which book character we are in our amazing outfits?

For Mother’s Day we made cards and made heart shaped biscuits as presents. Below are photographs of us making the biscuits.

As part of Science week and our topic of Africa we were visited in school by Guy and his mini beasts. We were all brave and touched the creepy crawlies and other amazing creatures. Below are photographs to show just how brave we were.

As part of our topic on Africa we have looked at African jewellery – we made our own and here are the photographs