What the Children Say

We all help each other – Emily (Year 6)

I like doing homework and Midge’s Marvels –  Child (Year 1)

All the teachers are nice and kind – Laura  (Year 2)

I like the topics we learn – Geordie (Year 3)

I enjoy music, I play the violin but you need to practice – Matt (Year 5)

I like moving up the star ladder – Ava (Year 1)

 The staff look after us – Lauren (Year 3)

 At our school we get lots of opportunities to do different things – Robert (Year 4)

We enjoy maths – Lucy and Charlotte (Year 2)

It’s the best! – Haydon (Year 4)

Everything! – Lewis (Year 1)

We get to do lots of sports and after school activities – Daniel (Year 4)

 I enjoy playing with the sand – Thomas (Reception)

The teachers are really nice and I like learning new stuff – Paris (Year 3)

I like playing with my friends and the writing table – Hannah (Reception)

I have lovely friends – Lacey (Year 1)

School dinners are good – (Year 2)

We go on fun trips – Child (Year 6)